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Objective: to see the current bilingual status of the City of Ottawa, the Nation's Capital, enshrined in provincial legislation in time for 2017.

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In 1867, English Canada and French Canada unite to create one Canada; the City of Ottawa is officially designated the Capital and the seat of the Federal Government.

With due respect for the founding people, the Constitution of Canada and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, both recognize French and English as the official languages of the country.

The City of Ottawa now has a policy on bilingualism whose stated aim is to accord to both linguistic groups the same rights, status and privileges. However, a policy that is not protected within a provincial law is subject to be change or repealed by resolution of municipal council.

On the eve of the 150th anniversary of Confederation, we believe it is time for the City of Ottawa to assume decidedly its role as a bilingual Capital.

We need your help. By signing this petition,

  • You are asking Ottawa City Council to request the Ontario legislature to amend the City of Ottawa Act, 1999 to enshrine the bilingual status of Ottawa, the Nation’s Capital;
  • You are asking the Ontario Legislature to amend the City of Ottawa Act, 1999 to protect its bilingual status;
  • You are affirming your belief in Canadian values.
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